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Dallas MeetUp -May 27

Last night  Dallas meetup was so much fun .I had the chance to present on Angular + Bootstrap + Visualforce with sample code .

I am so glad it went really well and also provided me opportunity to connect with lot of local folks who are excited to be a part of Salesforce Community .

Quickly wanted to share the code sample that I presented at meetup .

A simple responsive page to add Account Card was built using bootstrap and JS remoting along with angular concept of using modules .

The Presentation is at slideshare so that if you missed my session you can go through the same .It covered basics of bootstrap and angular JS and then explained the code snippet of how to use angularJs in salesforce .

Dallas meetup session  on Bootstrap + Angular + Visualforce from Mohitkumar Srivastav

The code samples I have shared on Github

Apex Controller

Visualforce Page

Hopefully this session was helpful .Please let me know how you feel about the whole session .Thanks

Lightning Components Framework Learning Resources

Building custom lightning components will be a required skills for salesforce developers in coming years .Whenever there will be need for building SPA (Single Page Applications) for Salesforce 1 ,using lightning components will be one of the architecture choice .
Although  there are multiple frameworks that one could use which includes angular,backbone,ember etc but lightning is from salesforce and uses aura framework hence it will be really good candidate to consider for building SPA applications .
The aim of the blogpost is to share some useful resources  on how I have gained some expertise around building lightning components .
If you are familiar with javascript framework or at least have hands on experience with one of them ,your learning curve for lightning components will be pretty small.If you don't have none or never worked on Javascript ,you may like to go through some of javascript course and get yourself up to speed.
The key point to understand will be while building light…

Integrating Google drive with Salesforce Using File Connect Feature

Summer 15 release is out and lot of features to dive into .One thing that caught my immediate attention was ability to integrate Google Drive with Salesforce through lightning connect .

It hardly took me 20 minutes to get this working on my developer edition and I am super excited to highlight step by step procedure to configure this .Please note salesforce did an amazing job on the documentation for this .Its crystal clear to me .

Just to add little more flavour with screenshot would help many folks I believe who have no time to read through documentation .(I strongly suggest please read through release notes )

Step 1
Enable File Connect in your instance .Please note since this is summer 15 release feature i did this in pre-release org 

Step 2
Allow your users to access google drive .Follow the step by step instruction documented in below link
Below shows the permission set that I have created .Remember to check file…