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Mobile Application Development On Touch Platform-Part 1

MobilePhone and Tablets  are  very important aspect of life and the need for Mobile Applications are rising continuously. Salesforce platform we all know is a very strong application development platform where variety of applications can be build in short span .

Along with the web based application customers frequently look for equivalent mobile applications that can enhance there business .A common example is the need of a mobile application for a field service agent to locate the customer location and resolve the case  or an application for a sales rep to maintain and calculate his inventories or generate quotes .

Out-Of-Box Mobile Application Provided By Salesforce and there advantages and disadvantages :1)Salesforce Touch:
Salesforce Touch is an excellent application the salesforce provides for free.The User record has a checkbox to identify the user as Touch User .
Where it Lacks:
1)Presently this application runs well on IOS platform and one can download from App exchange …