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Invoking Apex Callouts through Visual Flows

Few weeks back I was attending a Webinar on AdvancedFlow From SFDCBill(Product Manager Flows .I was quite surprised to discover flows are very powerful feature provided by the platform for the administrator to configure the business logic .

My friendRakesh has been blogging lot of use cases of flows for Salesforce 1 and using chatter objects .You can refer his blog for more details on the work he has done .I have learned lot from those and I am thankful to him for sharing his experience with visual flows through his blog

One of the things that came was invoking callouts or webservices through flows and SFDCBill was able to communicate the design that one needs apex and process plugin for invoking callouts directly from the flow .I did a quick online search to see if this has been demonstrated  and was not able to get some good resource so i thought of sharing a sample tutorial on how to invoke …