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File Connect In Salesforce -Integrating Office 365 Sharepoint within chatter Files

I remember couple of years back when I had to integrate Sharepoint with Salesforce ,only option I could think of is to visit appexchange and pay some bugs to get this up and running.There was a free app "Chatter For Sharepoint".Configuring this was again scanning through lot of documents .
File Connect lets you connect Microsoft SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online account, and everything is indexed and made searchable within your Salesforce environment.File connect is not just about sharepoint and in general its about sharing salesforce files outside salesforce organization.
In this blogpost I will walk through simple steps to connect Microsoft 365 Sharepoint to Salesforce Files and bring Files located in sharepoint to SFDC.
It won't be too detailed as salesforce documentation around this is awesome but will add necessary Screenshot to help folks who want to set quick demo for clients to showcase.
Step 1-Sign Up for a trial account from microsoft for online…

Analytics Cloud-Creating My First Report

Analytics cloud is a new Business Intelligence platform for creating interactive reports and dashboards .

This product has been launched and for more info around this product you can refer below link
Analytics Cloud Overview Video

As an Enterprise customer you need to be aware of product limitations and products offerings and I don't work for salesforce and hold no responsibility in this regard and want to set expectation that whatever I am documenting in blog series is my personal take and thoughts  .

Understanding analytics cloud and Training Programs Offered From Salesforce

Remember that its simple to learn and understand the tool if you come from Business Intelligence world since you are already familiar with lot of concepts and theory needed for building charts and graphs .If you are not familiar there are lot of fundamental level trainings from Salesforce on this.Remember you can access this training if you are partner organization to salesforce through your organization partn…

Lightning Connect and SQL Integration Real Time Using Windows Azure Cloud Services-Part 2

This is a continuation from blog 1 where we had set up sample SQL server on the cloud using windows azure platform .

This article we will be doing below things 

1)Writing a Visual C# program to expose the SQL table and data as a Odata webservice(Using WCF template) 
2)Deploy the code on windows azure website
3)Accessing the SQL data using lightning connect using azure website URL

You will need below things as a prerequisite 

1)Install Visual studio from the here
2)Open online windows azure management portal that you had set up if you followed last article
3)Salesforce developer instance 

1)Create an OData Web ServiceYou now have a SQL Database in Windows Azure with tables and data, but now you need a simple and unified way to query and manage that data from all of the applications that you will build. Web services provide an abstraction over your data storage technology and with the broad adoption of web technologies and HTTP, RESTful web services are accessible from pretty much every platform…

Lightning Connect and SQL Integration Real Time Using Windows Azure Cloud Services-Part 1

Back Office Real Time Integration is need for any Enterprise Applications residing on salesforce platform .One of Key challenges of Salesforce Enterprise customers have been how to show data in salesforce 1 platform from back office or third party systems  without actually storing or consuming the storage space .

Salesforce External Object and Lightning Connect solves this .If you are not so familiar with External Objects ,I would recommend below links for further understanding

All of the above blog links are really good and they explain Odata in particular .…