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Salesforce Lightning Components Hello World SPA Project

Lightning component framework from salesforce is amazing add on to platform .To build Single Page Applications there are lot of modern  framework like angular ,backbone,ember,meteor,react Js and lot more.Every framework comes with its own advantages and disadvantages .Salesforce lightning is one among them which is fast maturing .

I was reading through lightning component developer guide recently and just to explore  art of possibilities I did a quick Lightning SPA project that shows below listed  functionality:
Quick Add ,Edit and Delete Account to Salesforce from standalone lightning App or Salesforce 1Using bootstrap library for UI in lightning projectHow to achieve simple navigation using CSS toggle How to display error messages from server by dynamically creating lightning component markupsEffective use of Events to communicate between components .Lets take a demo video of the application before deep dive into some of the awesome stuff I have

Some of the key points I noted while doi…