Friday, 28 September 2012

Tips On Passing Advanced Developer Salesforce Certification(501) multiple Choice Questions

I am glad to share that i cleared Advanced Developer first round .There are already good number of blogs on how to approach this exam.

Following blogs are really good resource and also they give a fair amount of idea on how to approach and how to clear this exam.


Now my aim is to provide some more points on how to go about it.Please dont refer any dumps or ask for dumps as it is not the purpose of examination .

1)Dont jump into the exam as soon as you clear DEV-401 (developer certification)
2)If you are a developer on the platform and extensively using apex and visualforce page development this is where you are tested whether your skills are proper or not.
3)Pay special attention to the email services and the webservices and also on the Test classes
4)Playing around with all visualforce tags is essential.especially like the apex:componet,apex:composition
5)Know the usage of standard set and list controller
6)Read through apex guide ,visualforce guide (component reference in paticular),migration guide and basic SOQL and best practices of apex

Hope this will be helpful.I am waiting for the opening of registration window for the second round and programming assignment .Will surely share my experience here in this blog.

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