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Automatic GeoCoding Feature In Salesforce - Summer 16

Summer 16 provided an excellent feature to the platform of automatic adding GeoCodes to the address Data .The Feature is currently available foraddresses on existing and new accounts, contacts, and leads and in salesforce classic .
With Location aware Data one can build  very cool visualization and help business achieve its goals .
I have a very interesting business scenario and lets discuss how we are going to solve the use case with this new feature
Business Use Case
Universal Containers is planning to hire sales folks and since they are global they want to hire sales folks in countries where there are maximum no of leads located so that they can reach out in person and demo their products .
Sales VP requested a plot of leads location on the world map so that he can start his hiring strategy .
Also  marketing VP wanted to know areas where there are no leads so he can focus his campaigns in those areas .

Enable Data Clean Feature

Enabling the Automatic Geolocation mapping for addre…