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New Manifest Attribute support in Summer13 release for Offline Caching Of Data

Offline caching of data is very important feature .This feature is commonly required in mobile applications where we would like the pages to be cached locally in the browser ,so that user can browse through this pages even if the application goes offline temporarily due to network failure .

HTML 5 came with a manifest file concept where the files and pages to be cached in the browser are specified in a text file which is kept in the same server domain as the other pages .This file is basically a text file of content type is text/cache-manifest.
W3schools is a place where i learn basics .Thanks to w3schools for presenting content in simple language .Here is the reference link for all the enthusiastic. App-cache concept is clearly explained on the link above . Summarizing ,its just the manifest file of type text/cache-manifest that tells the browser on the content that will be cached in the server. 
<html manifest="demo.appcache&q…

Mobile Application Development On Touch Platform-Part 2

This blog post is in continuation with Earlier blog post where we explored  some limitations of standard apps provided by salesforce .But every release salesforce keeps improving Salesforce Touch App ,Salesforce Mobile etc and hence its advisable to go through latest release to find out whether the customers requirement can be met from using those standard app and figure out actual need to go for development of completely customized app. Touch Platform offers Salesforce SDK for Android and IOS .Using SDK its possible to develop native ,hybrid or an HTML web application.

There are lot of discussions around which type of application is best. (Hybrid or native or html).The conclusion it really depends on the requirement,developer resource and performance expected .

Native Apps are faster and provides great offline support but we may need to code in different languages depending on platform .Eg:Objective…