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Showing posts from May, 2014 Certified Technical Architect - Multiple Choice exam

First of all really sorry for not being active on my blog for quite some time and you will find the reason behind the same was my schedule was hectic and I also decided its right time for me to attend Certified Technical Architect - Multiple Choice exam.

I am glad that i cleared this exam today and thought of sharing some learning's here :)

Its been almost three years on platform and I was involved in wide variety of work ,mostly now on Integration's and Data Migration  Salesforce Projects .So I thought its right time for me to start preparing for at least multiple choice exams as I had confidently submitted the Self Evaluation  and I was informed I am good to go for Next Round .

Again Please don't mail and ask me for dumps as this is against my ethics .Having said that I would definitely provide some insights on what topics one must primarily concentrate while preparing for this Exam .

The Study guide can be obtained from the Certification Website .Now what top…