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Mobile Application Development On Touch Platform-Part 3

This is in continuation with my previous posts .This post basically covers the difference between local and server side implementation approach for developing cross platform hybrid  mobile application on touch platform.

An hybrid mobile application is cross platform and generally use phonegap that comes bundled with mobile SDK to develop the application. Web developers familiar with the javascript will find it very friendly to learn and develop hybrid mobile application.
The following table below summarizes the difference and comparison between local(javascript on local device and using ForceTK/RemoteTk  library) and server side(Visualforce with Javascript Remoting) approach:

Local/ServerSide Hybrid mobile application development on touch platformFeaturelocal Approach using mobile packs(Backbone js/angulur js/jquerymobile)Server side Approach using Visualforce page DatabindingForceTK or RemoteTK,Javascript modal functions for angular js or backbone js library functions Javascript Remoti…