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Named Credential and Auth Provider Concept In Salesforce-Linkedin and Salesforce Integration

This is my first technical post after I have moved to Texas from Bangalore and Hope I make it interesting read 

One of the common challenges when Integrating salesforce with other external system which supports Oauth 2.0 has been to manage the Oauth 2.0 flow using custom objects in Salesforce ,where there was need for some temporary storage for storing either the access token or the refresh token or an alternative approach was to do authentication every time user makes a request to other external system.

The below diagram summarizes oauth 2.0 and for more information would suggest you to read some articles in google or wiki

If i tell you for some system like google,twitter,facebook,Linkedin,google I dont have to handle Oauth 2.0 myself with lot of code and salesforce will automatically take care of it ,I don't think you will trust me .
So in this blogpost ,I will be integrating with Salesforce with very minimal code and will pull my resume as a chatter app,so grab a coffee…

Reduce your learning Curve through Salesforce new learning tool Trialhead

4 Years back when I started Learning Salesforce ,I wish I had access to tool like TrailHead .

Please visit below URL to explore more

What you need to complete TrailHead Challenges?

You will need Salesforce Developer ORG to work with TrailHead  Challenges .Make sure to have a work which has no custom domain enabled and also has no namespace.Recommend to sign up for new org.

You also require a sign up on .You enter into a world of Salesforce Developer Community through this site .

What will you gain by spending Time on TrailHead?

You will be able to do hands On Exercise which are carefully designed to test your understanding of the content presented and it makes sure that you work examples on developer org

What is Trailhead Badge? 

Once you complete a Challenge your developer profile on gets a badge to show case that you have completed all challenges and you have gained some pratical insight into subject presented…

Trialhead -Self Tutor

I have no words for TrialHead that was launched in dreamforce last year .I experimented using TrialHead for lightning module last week and I must say worth spending time on TrialHead .

I am very new to Lightning and I had read Release notes and Lightning developer guide but somehow I was not so confident .I must say once I have completed challenges on the TrialHead for these modules my confidence level has gone up.No more I feel that I dont know basics since I have coded the assignments asked and have passed all those to earn badeges.

I am thankful to creators of this tool and this has made learning real fun .The great team at salesforce Sandeep ,josh or Chris Duarte are really helpful .I have reached them no of times on twitter if i find any difficulty related to any problem in Trailhead and they have been super helpful .
Thanks TrailHead and I have requested for more lightning related tutorials on this . Please note Trailhead is free of cost and your best tutor.

Invoking Apex Callout From Process Builder

Process builder is GA in Spring 15 and one of the queries I came across was around how to invoke apex callouts from Process builder .

Before process builder came we had two common approaches of calling webservice 

1)We have outbound messages as one of the Actions for workflows.This works if other party implements the WSDL that is generated once Outbound messaging is defined with appropriate end point .

2)Most of times future method invoked through triggers allowed to do apex callouts and invoke external web service provided the future method is annotated with @future(callout=true).This provides lot of flexibility and one of the best approaches .

3)Flow triggers was in BETA and this was also one of the ways we could invoke callouts provided the Flow implements process plugin .To understand in detail how to implement process plugin refer to the below example

The purpose of this blogpost is to demonstrate the new possibility of invoking apex callout through Process Builder 

I tried initi…