Saturday 1 September 2012

cloudy: Using POSTER mozilla tool to get oauth token and access the REST API of salesforce

Using POSTER mozilla tool to get oauth token and verifying response from REST API salesforce Please follow the following steps:

Use this first as a request URL to get access token .Please use for sandbox

2)To obtain access token you must Use POST http call:
In the payload use


where client id,client secret you will get from your remote access settings and please append security token if you are making from unautorized IP range .Please use appropriate User Name and Password

3)Once you POST to the service you will get acess token .Please save that for future requests

4)Next in the header add following parameter and its value as 
Value:Bearer +oauthtoken obtained (Bearer space and your oauth_token)

5)Now once you add header in request URL add your REST service URL in the request URL of Poster tool(eg: 


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