Sunday 20 July 2014

Won Summer Hackathon Bangalore Contest

So here is the good news .Last night we were declared winner of Summer Hackathon Challenge conducted in my city (Bangalore).To know more you can visit the link.First of all let me very clear that I am nothing without my team .It was complete Team work right from Idea to Implementation .

Let me take some time to Introduce you to my fellow colleagues who have worked and taught me so much and I am just a small part .

+MUKUL goel +rashmi t  

Mukul  you can contact him with email  

Rashmi  you can contact her with email

I have never been to Hackathon before and this was really something I thought i should give a try .Nervous I was but when we formed a Team and Started Building ,Confidence level Picked up.

Thanks to Salesforce and BeMyApp .They had organised the event very well .All that we needed to concentrate was to have a working demo of our application on final day of submission.

First Day -When so many Ideas emerge its important to be a good listener .Appreciating each others Idea In a Team certainly helps and its important to keep the team bonding.We stayed whole night in Mukul room and we had pretty much designed UI flows and we were clear on what needs to be done.Its important to have a rough Idea of how you want to shape your Idea and Design and then build .We had completed I would say 25% on day one and all set for second day.

Is sleep Essential?

Yes as humans its important to relax our minds and keep calm .All thanks to my friend mukul who allowed us to take nap for 4 to 5 hours to relax and rest in his personal room.Salesforce allowed to bring sleeping baggage and we could have slept in hall but never wanted to disturb other coders.

Second Day-I saw we were getting exhausted but we kept going .We kept coding and nearly we did our first git commit  in noon .We knew we are close and all we need to do is to keep focused and achieve as many functionality as we want .Our app build was almost there by 10PM on second day .We decided to take rest .

Thanks to mukul ,he did all data clean up and Data search and kept going till 4 AM(Almost third day morning).I was sleeping but mukul kept going

Third Day-It was the most critical day and we did not wanted to loose our focus and all hardwork we had done in these days .I took initiative to come early and do some git commits as I wanted my team to relax and come refreshed.We knew by after noon we need to complete all coding and do final push.

We knew we had shaped our app well ,even if you have small glitches its not worth to keep concentrating as you have small build time and judges know you are human.

So finally we practiced our presentation and we were all set to go to stage and communicate to judges effectively of what our vision and what we have done .

Experience has been amazing and remember attending these hacks broaden and sharpen your skills and give you an edge on where you stand on overall crowd .So you have nothing to loose .

Winning was not motive its to keep focused and do your best and rest may happen magically.

Our App video is here in the below link and we are so excited about this Sales Booster App to take to next level . 

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