Tuesday 14 October 2014

Journey from blogger To author

Sorry for not being so much active here but I have a strong reason that I am sure you will forgive me .I am excited to inform I was given an opportunity to author a book on explaining administration essentials of Salesforce.com CRM .I have completed the book and I am eager to get some feedback from readers .

It was not easy job working on this after office hours but this was true unique experience and challenge .

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at expert administrators or professionals who are new to Salesforce and want to learn the various features supported by the platform in a short space of time. The book can also be used by professionals preparing for Developer and Administrator certification exams from Salesforce.

What You Will Learn

  1. Understand how licensing, profiling, and security settings are set for users
  2. Perform data modeling and use Salesforce components such as workflows, approvals, validations, layouts, and record types to solve business problems
  3. Get to know the reporting basics and use Salesforce analytics to build reports and dashboards
  4. Troubleshoot common challenges that administrators face in real-time businesses
  5. Get to grips with the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud features provided by the platform
  6. Utilize tools such as the data loader to load data into Salesforce
  7. Load data using an external ID and understand the importance of Excel VLOOKUP
  8. Get familiar with the overall administrator responsibilities for real-time applications

salesforce is one of the leading platforms for developing cloud-based applications. Primarily, Salesforce is designed for managing the sales processes of an organization, but the platform can be leveraged to develop custom applications. It runs on the Force.com platform. With the advantage of having reduced development costs, we can deliver applications in a very short time span. With this book, administrators will learn to tackle a lot of things that pop up in their daily routine.

This book is a comprehensive guide that explains user management, profile management, and the basic building blocks of an application. The book proceeds by explaining the troubleshooting skills needed for an administrator. The best practices and disciplines of data loading are discussed in detail. The book concludes with an overview of sales and service cloud features so that the reader is ready for the advanced configurations of this module. By the end of the book, you will be a competent administrator who can manage and maintain the Salesforce data of your organization successfully.

To get a sample chapter you can visit below link

You can also purchase both ebook as well as printed version from amazon or packtpub.

Would love to get some feedback on how this book is and remember this is for people who have just started using salesforce CRM and are completely new 

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