Monday 18 January 2016

Lightning components - Where all can I have thee...

With Salesforce investing lot on lightning components and I am sure lot of devs in salesforce world have started working with lightning components .

I have also started working on lightning components and below is some cool list on where all currently salesforce allows these components and a small snippet for each showing the interface that lightning component must implement .

Exciting ...Exciting ...Lets start...

  • Add Lightning Components to Salesforce1

 The appHostable interface makes the component available as a custom tab.

All that one has to do is to create a lightning custom tab from salesforce Tabs and add to SF1 Navigation's .

  • Add Lightning Components to Lightning Experience

The interface implemented remains as appHostable .The key here is how we can add this tab to new App launcher 

  • Configure Components for Communities

  • Configure Components for Lightning App Builder

  • Configure Components for Lightning Experience Record Home Pages (PILOT)

A good example can be one demonstrated by BalaKishan.Please read his articles on lightning .Some great insights into it .

The key here is you have an attribute recordId and sObjectName populated automatically with correctId and API name

<aura:attribute name="sObjectName" type="String"></aura:attribute>
    <!-- Atrribute Defination for Record Id -->
 <aura:attribute name="recordId" type="String"></aura:attribute>

  • Add Lightning Components to Visualforce Pages
This is coolest feature that's been added lately .To add a lightning component to the VF you first define an aura:application that has aura:dependency and extends  ltng:out .

The sample component code The VF code will look like below

I hope you enjoyed this little article :)

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