Thursday 1 January 2015

New Year Resolution For 2015 As A Salesforce Developer

First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to all !!! Last year for me as a salesforce developer has been great .I authored a book "Salesforce Essentials For Administrators" last year and I hope that was interesting read for new admins .

As a developer learning is an important part in our career .Salesforce is adding lot of new and exciting features to its platform and following is my learning calendar for year 2015 .

Analytics Cloud

Analytics cloud platform was launched last year in Dreamforce and I expect it to go big in coming years .Last year I took few important steps to understand this and this year the plan is to go hands on .Last year I completed two important trainings 

1)White Belt Trainings
2)Green Belt Trainings

This year I will be attending the brown belt training on analytics cloud .If you are a partner Organisation to salesforce ,this training is offered from salesforce for free in form of classroom.I am attending one in Bangalore from 5th Jan to 7th Jan.

Marketing Cloud

In Dreamforce salesforce launched its marketing cloud products like Journey Builder and Pardot that excites me .In fact I see a certification from salesforce for Pardot .I am eager to prepare for this certification this year as I learn and explore Pardot .

Journey Builder looks promising and I will be going hands on to explore more .


This is very broad and needs to be split into various component

1)Lightning Connect
I will be blogging on this soon ,where I am planning to integrate SQL server with windows Azure cloud and using lightning connect to pull the data in real time

2)Lightning Component

Salesforce has provided new developer guide for this new UI framework .The below is the page from where one can obtain PDF of these guides

Last year I went through this guide and never went hands on .This year ,will be working and blogging on this framework.

3)Salesforce Lightning App Builder(BETA in Spring 15)

Salesforce Lightning App Builder is available in pilot from spring 15 release and will be exploring this builder to find art of possibility.

4)Salesforce Process Builder(GA in Spring 15)

Salesforce Process Builder is available from spring 15 and this will be interesting as I expect less of apex due to its excellent features to do business logic like creating records ,looping over the data ,bulk updates and so on.

5)Community Builder

Last year one of my blogs demonstrated this builder when the product was in BETA and now its GA .If you are interested in the blog ,below is the link for same


Last year I loved working with Jquery but with Angular being adopted quickly ,this year I will continue to work more on angular .

Angular makes two way  data binding easier.I blogged lot of articles on this last year and this year I will be going more hands on with this framework .Google has been making continuous improvements and to keep up-to speed its  important to keep reading articles and doing some small projects as a part of learning .


This year I have made resolution to explore Polymer and at least build some POC projects around this framework.

Spend Time On TrailHead

Unfortunately have not managed to spend my time on trailhead and I expect some time in coming months to do a dedicated learning here . 


Following are certifications that I target for this year

1)Salesforce Technical architect board review (Last year I completed multiple choice and this year will be attempting board review.I am targeting at mid or to the end of the year )
2)Brown Belt on Analytics Cloud 
3)Pardot Certification(

Community Service

I will spend at-least half an hour daily on Stackexchange. I have learnt most from this community and keep contributing my best here .

Will blog atleast 2 articles per month on upcoming release feature on salesforce platform and new technologies on my own blog .

Once again wish you all  "HAPPY NEW YEAR " and may the force be with you and don't force yourself for anything ,Keep spreading and sharing  knowledge and loads of love :)

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