Sunday 15 February 2015

Creating My First Analytics Cloud Dashboard

Last post we discovered how to create our first Analytics cloud report from the dataset .This post will show how to create interactive dashboards using Analytics cloud platform.

This will be again step by step tutorial assuming developer or data team has created Dataset for us to build reports and Dashboards .

Business Scenario -Need an Interactive Dashboard which will show Revenue generated from opportunity grouped by Account and left Panel will be a list showing different fiscal quarter and based on selected quarter results will auto filter out

Step 1-Create a report for the Chart with opportunity Amount and GROUP BY Account Name

i)Search for opportunity dataset 

ii)Create a sample report with Measure as Sum of Revenue and Group as Account Name 

iii)Clip this report .Note this is a very important step when you are building a dashboard

The above screenshot shows the clipper highlighted in RED colors.

iv)A new tab will open and shows as "New dashboard"

Step 2-Create Second report with Fiscal quarter as GROUP BY and COUNT as Measure 

i)Switch to the opportunity tab and create a report  with FISCAL quarter GROUP BY and clip it as well

Make sure to clip this and make sure dashboard screen shows both the reports 

Step 3-Select List as dashboard type 

i)Once you select list the screen is as displayed below

Click on 2nd report and this will automatically add to the list .

Rearrange and remove the selected measure field and keep it none .

ii)Select the chart type now and add 1st created report by clicking on the first created report

Once you have all ready your screen is as below

Click on the green button at extreme right  to run this 

You can also save this report to the folder .

Here is the simple demo of dashboard

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