Saturday 16 May 2015

Lightning Components Framework Learning Resources

Building custom lightning components will be a required skills for salesforce developers in coming years .Whenever there will be need for building SPA (Single Page Applications) for Salesforce 1 ,using lightning components will be one of the architecture choice .

Although  there are multiple frameworks that one could use which includes angular,backbone,ember etc but lightning is from salesforce and uses aura framework hence it will be really good candidate to consider for building SPA applications .

The aim of the blogpost is to share some useful resources  on how I have gained some expertise around building lightning components .

If you are familiar with javascript framework or at least have hands on experience with one of them ,your learning curve for lightning components will be pretty small.If you don't have none or never worked on Javascript ,you may like to go through some of javascript course and get yourself up to speed.

The key point to understand will be while building lightning components  the javascript code will follow event driven pattern .Each component can emit events and other components listen to  different events and perform server side logic .You will find minimal server side calls will be made and rest of Dom manipulation will happen with client side javascript controller and javascript helper .

Lets take a look at  various resources that helped me to learn lightning components 


This is by far the best methods to learn about how to build lightning components .The Trailhead has a module Lightning components that will force you to do hands on exercises and passing them you will feel confident enough that you have understood basics of lightning component  framework.

Trialhead  on learning lightning component is located at below URL

2.QuickContacts App Tutorial from Christophe Coenraets

This tutorial is amazing and thanks to Christophe for all awesome work .This tutorial will walk through building a quick contact app step by step .

The tutorial can be found in the below URL 

3.ReidCalberg Newbie Lightning Component Notes

This notes is quite comprehensive and thanks to author for excellent write up .Below is the URL where you can grab the notes and start working 

4.Video Tutorial from Salesforce MVP .

This video is good resource and worth watching all the modules

5.Paul Battison Videos 

Paul is a salesforce MVP and I love video tutorials from him .He makes difficult concepts looks lot easy .He explains code in very simple english .I subscribed to his youtube channel ,He has put 5 videos so far on lightning and i am looking forward to more of them .

Below is the link to Paul's channel

Below are lightning specific video links 

6.Jeff's Tutorial

We all love Jeff blog and below is link for  tutorial from him

Other Helpful Resources

Apart from all this ,salesforce lately added a new tag <ltng:require /> and below blogs will help us understand more on how to incorporate external JS  libraries in our lightning component using the provided tags

Apart from all this for deep knowledge work with lightning developer guide

I hope you have enough resources to start building lightning components yourself.

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